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Individual councelling of conscious eating & lifestyle

Autoimmune Paleo Diet | Autoimmune Disease | Digestive Issues
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Councelling via Skype  

The body is made to be healthy. It always gives you a signal if something isn’t right. Conscious eating and a conscious lifestyle mean the ability to listen to your body and understand the best options for you so that you feel good in the body you’re in. As a conscious eating and lifestyle adviser, my goal is to help you achieve this.

Examples of the benefits of conscious eating and a conscious lifestyle:


  • Better digestion

  • Stronger immune system

  • Understanding what kind of foods and ingredients aren’t right for your body (due to allergies or food intolerance)

  • Healthy body weight

  • More energy every day

  • A better working mind

  • Higher-quality sleep

  • Better mood (state of mind)






As regards long-term counselling, I mainly focus on special menus including milk- and gluten-free and autoimmune paleo diets and changes in lifestyle that are necessary and healing in the case of allergies, food intolerances or autoimmune diseases. Personalised conscious eating and lifestyle programmes are developed on the basis of people as individuals.

Making major changes to your diet and lifestyle is sometimes a very big turnaround. It’s easier if someone is there for you and helps make the right choices, if needed. To achieve results, it’s important to be consistent.

The aim of counselling is to:


  • achieve balance and satisfaction with yourself;

  • feel good in your body and learn to listen to your body's needs; and

  • learn to better understand special menus, what your body needs and why its consistent monitoring is important.


If you feel you’d like to make changes to your diet and lifestyle but need a personal adviser by your side to ‘keep their finger on the pulse’, register for an initial consultation today. During the counselling we will talk about your goals, conscious choices in diet and lifestyle, healthy cooking methods, controlling cravings and body weight. We will also thoroughly analyse your current menu, taking into consideration whether you’ve been diagnosed with allergies, food intolerances or autoimmune diseases, compile a suitable menu and examine what your overall lifestyle should be like so as to allow your body to heal. We will furthermore talk about how to listen to your body and understand what is best for it.

Depending on your needs and options, we can agree on a shorter or longer duration for the counselling.
Such consultations may take place via Skype.

Duration: 1-1,5 hours

Price: 75 EUR

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